John O’Brien
onsignor Patrick Joseph Hartigan wrote poetry under the pseudonym of John O'Brien and became one of the legendary icons of Australian Pioneering literature.

Born in Yass of Irish parents, he was best known 'Father Pat' and spent most his life in the Riverina of New South Wales. He brings to life in his poetry the country and the characters of early twentieth century Australia. Characters like Said Hanrahan, The Little Irish Mother, Cooney's Daughter, The Careys and the irrepressible housekeeper, Josephine were some of the personalities he captured. These are there for future generations to enjoy. His connection with Jack Riley, The Man From Snowy River is a fascinating encounter and one of which few Australians are aware. The poems Firing on the Eight and The Ten Twelve Shebang illustrate the motor-car tragic that he was, having owned nine vehicles before he died in 1952. This Poet Laureate of the Irish settlers of Australia has a permanent place in the hearts of his countrymen.

John O'Brien